Choosing an attorney can be a very stressful endeavor. You want to select an attorney who takes the burden of your case off you and delivers results. Consider the following characteristics so you feel confident that your case is diligently handled and you are treated respectfully.

What Are the Five C’s?

Competency - It is crucial to pick an attorney who knows the law and is diligent and prompt in providing informative answers to questions, solutions to problems, and has a strategy for success. They should not seem flustered by your case or the process.

Conduct - Your attorney should always address you with respect and handle your case as a privilege. You never want sloppy counsel inside or outside of Court. You and your case deserve professionalism.

Communication - As the saying goes, “Communication is Key.” You should feel comfortable in honestly disclosing facts. Your attorney should be direct and open in their communication with you. Satisfied clients are well-informed and stay involved in their own cases. Open communication between you and your counsel will make you feel like your case is in good hands.

Cordiality - You should feel comfortable asking your attorney questions and sharing ideas. Select an approachable lawyer.

Confidence - You want your attorney to effectively pursue your objectives. This requires confidence inside and outside the Courtroom.

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