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Grandparents do have the right to seek Court ordered visitation, but only when the parents are involved in court proceedings such as divorce, termination of parental rights, or adoption by a blood relative or stepparent. Kunz v. Bailey, S11G0867, decided January 13, 2012.

In Kunz, there was an ad...

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It is error for a trial court to rely on evidence from the temporary hearing in making its final custody determination absent express notice to the parties. Pace v. Pace, 287 Ga. 899 (2010); Vaughn v. Davis, S11A1950, decided January 9, 2012.

In the Vaughn case, the Supreme Court reversed the tria...

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Douglas and Holly Jacobs thought a romantic hot-air balloon ride would be the perfect ending to their Napa Valley vacation. The Duluth couple was in California for a three-day trip that Douglas won for his performance as a dental supply salesman. It was Mother’s Day, 1999. Th...

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